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About Quotes.net.co

Quotes.net.co : #1 Quotes Catalog source, The best quotes lists from around the world
Quotes.net.co : #1 Quotes Catalog source, The best quotes lists from around the world

Quotes are valuable. they are knowledge, and wisdom and insight. they offer us the opportunity to learn through others. and they are great tools to reinforce and reaffirm what we already understand. sometimes hearing the words of a famous or successful person is enough to help us accept an idea and put it into action. as, once Zig Ziglar said,

“ people often say that motivation doesn’t last. well, neither does bathing – that’s why we recommend it daily.”

Zig Ziglar

so sometimes we need something regularly to satisfy our psychological & behavioral needs, something with which we can overcome our daily difficulties and to live in harmony.

Our concept

We love quotes. Do you know what we don’t love? When we’re looking for a quote, and google directs us to a clunky site with page upon page of quotations that may or may not have anything to do with the topic we’re after.

Well, there is a better way. At Quotes.net.co, Our team researches broad categories of quotations filtering out the wheat from the chaff. Then we curate these quotes into sub categories, so if you’re looking for leadership quotes for kids, you don’t need to wade through a bunch of military leadership quotes. Next, we reach out to experts and organizations to weigh in on their favorite quotes.

Quotes.net.co - Famous quotes & Sayings
Quotes.net.co – Famous quotes & Sayings

So, we will do our best to give you the best tools to help inspire and motivate you. we welcome any suggestions and tools you may feel will be beneficial to others as well. Thank you for visiting us and remember to share !


Part of our mission is to present quotations in the most pleasing way possible. Picture quotes can be really impactful.

Finding great images to use for free online can be a pain. We’d like to help make it a little easier. We grant usage of all our original quote images for free under creative commons. A link citing us as the source would be super.


Our charity program prioritizes featuring worthy charities as the experts for high traffic quote categories. Our hope is that we can help create more awareness for great causes by pairing charities with a high traffic, relevant quote topic.

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